Sacramento Earth Day 2015

Sacramento Earth Day 2015

Celebrate • Educate • Motivate

April 19, 2015 • Southside Park • 7th & T Streets, Sacramento, CA 95811

PLEASE READ the instructions below before selecting a table.

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Choose from Information/Display, Craft or Commercial vendor type.
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Event Description

Sacramento Earth Day 2015 features live music, food, and information/display, craft, and commercial tables.

PLEASE READ before selecting a table:

Although the chart above says "seating chart," it is for reserving tables.

After you click on a table in the chart above, it will take you to the checkout form.

If you do not fill in a field correctly (such as an improperly formatted email or website address, it will turn RED. Please check and correct before checking out.

NOTE on TIME LIMIT: Before you click on your desired table location, be aware there is a time limit of 15 minutes to fill out all your information and complete your order before the table is made available to others again. Please have all your information readily available, including vender description, etc. (You may want to have it pre-written, so you can cut and paste it.)

Three types of tables are available:

  • Information / Display Vendor - $30*. Nonprofit organizations whose mission is compatible with that of the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS) are encouraged to join us in providing public information and education on the range of issues impacting environmental attributes and the quality of life in Sacramento County.  Incidental sales are allowed only if all sales revenues go to a nonprofit organization and the primary activity at the event is distribution of public information related to the mission of the organization.  Sales of raffle tickets are prohibited by park regulations.  Liability insurance may be required for activity demonstrations. especially those that include attendee participation. 
  • Crafts Vendor - $60*.  Artists or associates selling exclusively hand-made items, especially those using recycled materials, are sought for our event.  Photographs of product displays are required to be emailed to at the time of registration.  Mass-produced goods for personal use, such as jewelry, clothing, toys, and household decorations, are not allowed for sale at our event.  Registrants whose applications are declined based on these requirements will receive full refunds of registration fees.
  • Commercial Vendor - $120*.  Manufacturers of environmentally-protective products that provide alternative choices to consumers are welcome to show, demonstrate, and sell their products at our event.  Please include a website address in the registration application to allow us to verify the environmental pedigree of each product offered.  Registrants whose applications are declined based on our requirements will receive full refunds of registration fees.

*Note:  Does not include $1.77, $3.24, and $6.18 service fees.

First, review our event map above and select your desired table location from those available by clicking on it. (All available table locations are colored red, reserved tables are colored grey. The spacing shown is not representative of the actual table spacing in the park, they will be evenly spaced.) You may zoom in using the slider on the left of the map, and move around the map by clicking on it and dragging.

Second, under 'Ticket Information' select table type from the drop down menu under the 'Price' header. Then click the Order Now button, and after a short pause, a form will appear. Fill out the required contact information.  Be sure to include the cell phone number of the person who will be managing your table on the event day for use in communicating any last minute instructions.

Third, under "Billing Information," fill in your credit card information and click the "Order Now" button.  No registrations by mail or check will be accepted. 

A table and two chairs will be provided for each registered vendor. Sufficient space will be allocated for a canopy, but you should plan to bring your own canopy if you need protection for your table.

In the event that your registration application is subsequently declined due to noncompliance with our requirements, you will be so notified by email and your registration fee refunded in full.  

We will email you a vendor map a few days prior to the event showing the names and locations of all vendors, so you don't have to copy this one.

Be aware, certain vendor types need to sign our insurance information form and send it to ECOS.

You must agree to the following additional terms by clicking the "I agree to the terms listed in the Event Description" box in the checkout form:

Terms for Vendors:
- Sacramento Earth Day will happen on the scheduled day, RAIN or SHINE; no refunds will be given unless registration is cancelled no later than 12:00 pm on Sunday, April 12, 2015.
- Only vehicles with permits can be operated in Southside Park for table setup and breakdown outside the posted hours of the event, 11:00 am through 4:00 pm on the event day, April 19, 2015.

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Southside Park
7th & T Streets, Sacramento, CA 95811, United States
Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS)
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P.O. Box 1526
Sacramento, CA 95812
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